We are more than “Biker Friendly“ at The Law Offices of Randy Reep.  Over the years we have had the good fortune to partner with fantastic civic motorcycle organizations.  For example, organizations like the Latina American Motorcycle Association – LAMA, and La Cura are more than simply clients, they are family.   As our family members, we encourage them to wear helmets – and we suggest you do too. Regrettably, motorcycle accidents are not only common in Florida (-) the injuries suffered by riders are generally more extreme.  To complicate matters (even) more, standard Personal Injury Protection (PIP), does not apply to a motorcycle rider – even if they have purchased this insurance for their car.

Here is how we can help you with your case

The frequency and severity of injuries involving motorcycle riders requires special consideration and planning.  Often these damages include significant spinal injuries which can include paralysis, or even death.  Sadly, with the elective use of helmets, we have seen an increase in traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as more common physical injuries like broken bones and fractures.

What is nearly universal to a motorcycle accident is some sort of physical disfigurement resulting from the impact with another object.  All these injuries require special treatment, both medically and legally. It is always our hope that through advocating safety training, and contributing to various motorcycle awareness initiatives, we can be a small part in preventing any and all motorcycle accidents.  However, when you or someone you love, finds that even the best of prevention has failed, it is important that you follow these steps right away:

Seek medical treatment from a professional – It is amazing how powerful the body is at disguising injury and pain – at least initially. If you are involved in a collision on a motorcycle, get checked out by medical personnel immediately.

  1. Never fail to report your accident. You won’t regret documenting the collision.
  2. In Florida there are instances where a “Driver’s Exchange” will substitute for the actual police report. Keep a copy of this information for your records and be ready to provide it to your attorney.
  3. Today we all carry a high-definition camera in our phones, use it. Take as many pictures as possible to capture the impact (and any injuries).
  4. Finally – call the Law Offices of Randy Reep, BEFORE you talk to any insurance representatives, to make sure your recovery gets going in the right direction.

As bikers, we understand the deck is stacked against you.  A motorcycle is already hard to see.  Put that together with the increase of “distracted” drivers on the road, and it is a dangerous world for those of us on two wheels.  If you happen to be the loved one of someone injured or killed on a motorcycle, we want to be part of your solution for that tragedy. The bottom line – our consults are FREE – it will cost you nothing for us to evaluate your accident.  We sincerely hope you never need our services, but if you do, rest assured we are part of the family.  And by the way – wear the helmet.




Randy Reep is a professional pilot and former prosecutor (Assistant State Attorney) in Florida. With thousands of Pilot-in-Command flight hours in both the F-15 aircraft and commercial airliners with countless hours in trials, Randy is uniquely qualified to handle vast, complex, and difficult aviation litigation matters.


Camila was born and raised in Brazil, where she received a law degree and worked in the education field. In 2015, she moved with her family to USA, consolidating her passion for helping people navigate the complex legal system as well as assist the Latino community to ensure their vital access to the law. After joining The Law Offices of Randy Reep in 2018, Camila got her Florida Public Notary certification and has been exclusively managing our Personal Injury cases, alongside our attorneys and legal assistants.