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“Bail donations pour in for Jacksonville woman who shot officer during raid” – Diamonds Ford says a 911 call proves she is innocent

This article originally appeared in News4JAX Article in February 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman accused of shooting a police officer during a high-risk search warrant is getting support from around the country after a 911 call suggests she didn’t know it was police at her door.

The group of supporters is calling for the State Attorney’s Office to drop the charges against Diamonds Ford.

People from around the country have raised over $500,000 to bail her out of jail while she awaits trial.

A cheerful Ford ran towards her family after being released from jail Friday.

Ford said she’s innocent and hopes the charges against her are dropped.

“I feel blessed dignity power did their thing coming together in women empowerment to even get enough money to get me out. I am very appreciative,” Ford said.

Dignity Power helped raise the bail money.

“I do believe in her story and in some ways it’s inspiring and in other ways, it’s just another day’s work,” said Danielle Chanzes, Dignity Power organizer.

While in jail, Ford says she spent most of her time thinking of her daughter.

Her attorney Stephen Kelly has been fighting for months to get her out of jail. When a lower bond was denied fundraising began.

“The only way moving forward with justice to be served is for these charges to be dropped,” Kelly said.

Right now, Ford is charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. Both were charged with armed possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Ford says when she shot at an officer in September she thought an intruder was at her home.

Ford says her fiance Anthony Gantt gave her a gun to shoot out the window and that the 911 call she made proves her claim.

Police were executing a high-risk search warrant. The JSO officer’s life was saved by his bullet-resistant vest.

Local attorney Randy Reep, not affiliated with the case, says it will be hard to prove Ford’s intent.

“This is an incredibly challenging thing for the state because they have to get into the mind of the shooter to say they knew that the shooter in this case Miss Ford knew that she was shooting a police officer,” Reep said.

Community organizations across the country including The National Bail Fund Network, and The Minnesota Freedom Fund coordinated to raise more than $530,000 to free her.

They also provided health services, housing, groceries, and holistic support services to help her endure the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.