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Our office handles thousands of civil traffic and criminal traffic cases throughout Florida. We work with you to protect your driving record and defend against traffic allegations.

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Have you recently been issued a traffic citation? Is your citation criminal or civil? Are you unsure, or perhaps you are dealing with both?

When an individual is accused of committing a moving violation, the consequence of their actions can result in a civil traffic ticket. These moving violations can include failing to stop completely at a red light or stop sign, speeding, or any other violation that takes place while a vehicle is in motion. 

A criminal traffic violation is issued by law enforcement when a person is accused of a criminal offense while operating a motor vehicle. These criminal offenses can take place in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even golf carts or scooters. Criminal moving violations can include DUI, reckless driving, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and even vehicular manslaughter.

Whatever circumstances you are facing, The Law Offices of Randy Reep can help. Our office handles thousands of civil traffic and criminal traffic cases throughout Florida. We work with you to protect your driving record and defend against traffic citations. Traffic citations shouldn’t hold you back, and here at The Law Offices of Randy Reep, we make sure they don’t.



As one of the leading firms in Florida, the Law Offices of Randy Reep brings together the best of experience and knowledge to serve our clients in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. The Law Offices of Randy Reep provide world-class representation with some of the most aggressive attorney’s in Florida

Randy Reep


Randy brings more to your case than the average attorney. As an Air Force Veteran and Lieutenant Colonel and F15 Pilot for Florida Air Guar, he lives his life by the core values of “Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do.”

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John Holzbaur


John Holzbaur grew up in Jacksonville and enlisted in the US Navy immediately after graduation from Wolfson High School. John served for over twenty-three years as a Naval Helicopter Aircrewman and Helicopter Rescue Swimmer and as a commisioned Naval Fight Officer.

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Camila Katterhenry

Personal Injury Director

Camila was born and raised in Brazil, where she received a law degree and worked in the education field. In 2015, she moved with her family to USA, consolidating her passion for helping people navigate the complex legal system as well as assist the Latino community to ensure their vital access to the law.

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Bonnie Jones

Chief Litigation Case Manager, Paralegal

Bonnie was born and raised in New Jersey, then moved to Florida with her family in 1995. She received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of North Florida in 2003 and her Associates in Paralegal Studies from Florida State College at Jacksonville in 2014.

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Hugo Rodriguez

Of counsel

Hugo began his legal profession litigating medical malpractice and commercial cases that ultimately resulted in millions of dollars recovered. When he expanded his practice to Criminal and Family law, Hugo took advantage of the litigation skills he had developed in the complex world of medical malpractice and commercial litigation. He has since successfully defended over a hundred cases in traffic and criminal offenses throughout the State of Florida.

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